October GigaNotoSaurus Features “To Us May Grace Be Given” by L.S. Johnson

October GigaNotoSaurus Features “To Us May Grace Be Given” by L.S. Johnson


GigaNotoSaurus got my attention back in July with Daniel Ausema’s long Sword & Sorcery novelette “The Poetics of Defiance.” Here’s what Ausema said about the story at his website, Twigs and Brambles.

“The Poetics of Defiance” is one of the longer stories I’ve had published. It’s a fun one that I’m very proud of. It started with an idea to come up with the two most unlikely jobs for a traditional sword & sorcery story, and I came up with an alchemist (I’ve liked the idea of a traveling alchemist ever since I was into D&D back in high school) and a poet. It ended up straying from the S&S idea somewhat… I had a lot of fun with creating the snippets of poetry for the attack poet.

This month GigaNotoSaurus features a brand new 15,507-word Weird Western by L.S. Johnson, “To Us May Grace Be Given.” Here’s Charles Payseur at Quick Sip Reviews.

October’s GigaNotoSaurus brings a sort of paranormal Western longer novelette, with a whiff of ash and the taste of blood and coming violence. It’s a storm of a story, sweeping through the life of the main character and leaving nothing untouched. It’s a piece that explores the vast frontier that the American West used to represent, the potential or at least the hope of renewal and forgiveness. And yet it was all built on murder, and exploitation, and blood, and the story paints this place as incredibly dark, perilous, and toxic. It’s a wonderful take on the setting and genre…

Read the story free here, and read Charles’ complete review here.

GigaNotoSaurus is edited by Rashida J. Smith, and offers readers one story, between 5,000 and 25,000 words, every month. It has been published since November 2010, and appears on the first of every month. It is online only, and completely free.

Check out the complete back catalog of fiction at their website, including Nebula Award winning stories from Ken Liu and Ferrett Steinmetz, as well as Black Gate‘s C.S.E. Cooney and S. Hutson Blount, and many others.

This next issue will be available on November 1. We last covered GigaNotoSaurus with the March 2016 issue, featuring “Polyglossia” by Tamara Vardomskaya.

Our October Magazine Rack is here, and all of our recent magazine coverage here.

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Hello, it’s very kind of you to feature my story, but I think you are confusing me with Daniel Ausema. I am the author of “To Us May Grace Be Given,” and he is the author of “The Poetics of Defiance.” I prefer she/her pronouns. Thank you!

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