New Treasures: The Never King by James Abbott

New Treasures: The Never King by James Abbott

The Never King James Abbott-small The Never King James Abbott-back-small

‘James Abbott’ is a pseudonym for Mark Charan Newton (Nights of Villjamur, the Legends of the Red Sun series). I’m not sure why he’s trying out a pseudonym, but the official biography reads “James Abbott is a pseudonym for an established author who is trying an exciting new direction,” so I’m guessing The Never King is a noticeable departure from his previous stuff. Whatever the case, it’s getting some good notice, SFX says it has:

Flashes of Joe Abercrombie-style grit… it also boasts a modern sensibility: an ugly despot on the throne, religious strife, refugees, the role of propaganda… with likable characters and well-paced battles, it’s an accomplished tale.

The Never King was published in the UK by Pan on May 18, 2017. It is 499 pages, priced at £8.99 in paperback and £4.99 for the digital edition (copies are also available in the US through multiple online retailers). The cover was designed by Neil Lang.

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I need to check this out. thanks for the heads up

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