Space Pirates and Interplanetary Intrigue: The Far Stars Trilogy by Jay Allan

Space Pirates and Interplanetary Intrigue: The Far Stars Trilogy by Jay Allan

Shadow of Empire-small Enemy in the Dark-small Funeral Games-small

Shadow of Empire, the first novel in Jay Allen’s Far Stars Trilogy, opens with Captain Blackhawk stripped to the waist on a hostile planet, armed with a shortsword, facing off against a 9-foot monster in an alien arena. That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the tone and target audience for this series — it’s a straight ahead, unapologetic space adventure, with a protagonist who commands a ship called the Wolf’s Claw, and whose “eyes focus like twin lasers” in combat.

Jay Allen is one of the most successful of a new generation of authors who, like Vaughn Heppner, Michael Anderle, and others, skirted traditional publishing and found an audience self-publishing digital books. His Crimson Worlds series includes 9 titles, and has sold over 800,000 copies in digital format. The Far Stars Trilogy looks like Allan’s first foray into traditional publishing, but it’s not his last — his latest book, Flames of Rebellion, the start of a brand new military adventure series, arrived in trade paperback from Harper Voyager on March 21.

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Here’s the back covers for all three books.

Shadow of Empire-back-small Enemy in the Dark-back-small Funeral Games-back-small

Ad here’s the complete publishing details.

Shadow of Empire (366 pages, $15.99 trade paperback/$3.99 digital, November 3, 2015)
Enemy in the Dark (433 pages, $15.99 trade paperback/$4.99 digital, December 1, 2015)
Funeral Games (457 pages, $15.99 trade paperback/$5.99 digital, January 19, 2016)

All three volumes were published by Harper Voyager, with covers by Marc Simonetti. Although it’s not obvious from the cover art, the books fit together to make a single piece of art. Here’s Simonetti’s original huge triptych, which was chopped up to make all three covers.

Far Stars trilogy Marc Simonetti

Read an except from the opening of Shadow of Empire at the B&N Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog.

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R.K. Robinson

Completely new to me…what would I do without you, John? Have requested a library download of the ebook, should pop up soon.

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