Get The Complete Roslof Keep Campaign from Art of the Genre for 20% Off

Get The Complete Roslof Keep Campaign from Art of the Genre for 20% Off

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BG Contributing Editor R. Scott Taylor is a true jack-of-all-trades — writer, editor, publisher, novelist, art director, and one of the most consistently popular bloggers at Black Gate. Through his own publishing house, Art of the Genre, he’s produced two acclaimed anthologies, Tales of the Emerald Serpent and A Knight in the Silk Purse, and seven novels.

His most recent project is The Folio, a series of Kickstarter-funded old school adventure modules. The Complete Roslof Keep Campaign compiles Folios 1-6, as well as six supplemental mini-adventures and the Nameless Realms Races supplement, into a giant 134-page mega-adventure. This deluxe hardcover has been designed to fit on your shelves next to the classic 1980s ‘Orange Spine’ hardcover series by TSR — it even has an original cover by iconic artist Jeff Easley. The book comes packed with 2D & 3D color maps, iconic characters, character sheets, and much more. Here’s Scott with the deets.

I’ve spent the bulk of my adult life trying to go back in time to the incredible gaming days of my youth in the 1980s. With Roslof, I got to fulfill many aspects of that dream, including producing a replica ‘Orange Spine’ hardcover with an Jeff Easley original on the front. Getting to represent the old AD&D traditions and mechanics, while also using mechanics for the latest D&D 5E, I think I’ve done a great job of mixing old and new to create something unique in the gaming marketplace.

Scott is offering the hardcover at 20% off until January 8th (by using the coupon code NEWYEARSALE) at his website. Check out the details and order your copy here.

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