A Sorceress Hiding From the Most Powerful Sorcerer in the World: Annie Bellet’s Level Grind: The Twenty-Sided Sorceress

A Sorceress Hiding From the Most Powerful Sorcerer in the World: Annie Bellet’s Level Grind: The Twenty-Sided Sorceress

level-grind-the-twenty-sided-sorceress-back-small level-grind-the-twenty-sided-sorceress-small

Annie Bellet’s Twenty-Sided Sorceress books are a USA Today bestselling series… pretty impressive for a small press outing from a relatively unknown writer. Last year Bellet was (like Black Gate) nominated for a Hugo Award on the Rabid Puppy slate, for her short story “Goodnight Stars” from The End is Now anthology. And (also like Black Gate) she declined the nomination… that principled stand won her an Alfie Award at George R.R. Martin’s Hugo Losers party, a coveted award in its own right.

Now Saga Press is gathering the first four novels in the popular series into one handsome omnibus edition, Level Grind: The Twenty-Sided Sorceress, Volume One. The books follow the adventures of Jade Crow, a sorceress hiding from the most powerful sorcerer in the world: her ex-boyfriend, who wants to consume her heart. They are:

Justice Calling (152 pages, July 23, 2014)
Murder of Crows (162 pages, August 23, 2014)
Pack of Lies (226 pages, October 14, 2014)
Hunting Season (204 pages, Dec 2, 2014)

Here’s a look at the original covers, all from Domed Muse Press.

[Click for bigger versions.]

annie-bellet-justice-calling-small annie-bellet-murder-of-crows-small annie-bellet-pack-of-lies-small annie-bellet-hunting-season-small
annie-bellet-justice-calling-back-small annie-bellet-murder-of-crows-back-small annie-bellet-pack-of-lies-back-small annie-bellet-hunting-season-back-small

There are three more novels in the series, which I assume will be collected in Volume Two.

Level Grind: The Twenty-Sided Sorceress, Volume One
will be published by Saga Press on October 4, 2016. It is 470 pages, priced at $27.99 in hardcover and $15.99 in trade paperback. There is no digital edition. The cover is by Chris Mcgrath.

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Jeff Stehman

Urban fantasy isn’t my thing, even when served up with a healthy dose of geekery, but my wife inhales these.

Jeff Stehman

I’ve only read the first novel (my wife mistakenly left her Kindle in the hotel room when dropping me off at Worldcon–ha!) but my wife says you’re probably good with a 17-year-old. As movies they’d be rated R for language, sex, and violence.

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