Star Trek Continues Fundraiser

Star Trek Continues Fundraiser

trek continues crewThe final days of the newest Star Trek Continues fundraiser are upon us. If you haven’t seen my rave reviews of some of the previous episodes, go take a look — and then drop by their site and watch some of the episodes!

If you’re a fan of the original Star Trek television show, you owe it to yourself to go watch these loving recreations  made by extremely talented volunteers. You’ll swear that these are the same sets, and you’ll swear that most of these scripts were found in the file cabinet of D.C. Fontana or Gene L. Coon.

Last year’s fund raiser (or KIRKstarter, heh) got the funds for a few more episodes AND an engineering room set, which is now complete (you can see a virtual tour on this page). The new fundraiser will help pay for more episodes, rent at the facility where they’re filming the episodes, and pay for some expensive post production on one of the episodes they’ve just finished filming.

If this sounds up your alley (or in your sector) don’t delay. There are only a few days left to help out.

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Looks good, and I know in Kickstarter you’re not “buying a product, you’re funding a process”… but I cannot help but think of the recent Paramount/CBS lawsuit against Axanar producers.

A recent article I read on it stated generally Paramount wouldn’t bother on small fan films, but cited two factors that led them to filing suit on this one: the fact that it was over $1M and the fact that they did crowdfunding to finance it.

I wonder if with each crowdfunding campaign and episode completed they get closer to drawing the ire of Paramount’s legal team…

Wild Ape

These guys are fantastic. Their replication is pure art. These are the guys who should do the new Star Trek series.

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