Future Treasures: Wraith by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens

Future Treasures: Wraith by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens

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This looks like fun: a standalone supernatural thriller from The New York Times bestselling team of Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens. In Arlington, Virginia, a cop about to lose his career comforts a dying woman in the wreckage of her car. The next night, her ghost asks him for his help… a Russian general has infiltrated the US on a madman’s quest. His weapons are wraiths who cannot be killed. Ghosts have been weaponized.

In 1995, the CIA made a breakthrough that they hid from the world because it would change everything in modern science ― but some secrets can’t stay hidden. A rogue force has learned how to make disembodied minds capable of lethal action. Ghosts have been weaponized, and now a Russian general has infiltrated the U.S. with a squad of “berzerkers”―an army that can’t be killed because they’re already dead. Only one person knew the general’s plans, but she died in a car crash. The only person who can communicate with her is the cop who was at her side when she died ― and now he must race to stop a force that could end life as we know it.

Wraith will be published by Thomas Dunne Books on April 26, 2016. It is 320 pages, priced at $26.99 in hardcover and $12.99 for the digital version. The cover is by Micharl Komarck.

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James McGlothlin

One word “Awesome!”

[“Awesome” as understood in the 1980s’ Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure sense.]

Sarah Avery

You know I’m a fool for ghost stories.

Tom Doyle’s second novel, The Left Hand Way, did some amazing stuff with weaponized ghosts. One nation had a ghost-powered doomsday weapon as a sort of legacy system it no longer needed but couldn’t disarm, and another nation was trying to build one, despite that cautionary tale.


Wow, Sarah! Thanks for the tip! Anything “Ghost powered” sounds like such a cool idea!

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