We All Have to Start Somewhere

We All Have to Start Somewhere

Warchild Richard Bowes-small Feral Cell Richard Bowes-small Goblin Market Richard Bowes-small

We all have to start somewhere and this is where I started: Three paperback originals from Warner/Questar. Warchild was the first (in 1986) with an EMBOSSED cover – Art by Richard Corbin. It sold okay, got on a Year’s Best list. [Click on any of the images for bigger versions.]

Feral Cell came out in 1987 – About alternate worlds and cancer which I’d had while writing Warchild – this got me some critical attention plus I got cured!

The sequel to Warchild was Goblin Market (1988) – nice enough but didn’t sell like the original (maybe because the cover wasn’t embossed).

Here are the back covers to all three books.

Warchild Richard Bowes back-small Feral Cell Richard Bowes back-small Goblin Market Richard Bowes-back-small

Richard Bowes’ short story “Straight to My Lover’s Heart” was published in Black Gate 2. He’s won two World Fantasy Awards and published six novels, including From the Files of the Time Rangers and Dust Devil on a Quiet Street. His short story collections include Streetcar Dreams and Other Midnight Fancies and If Angels Fight. His website is rickbowes.com.

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Eugene R.

A comparison to Roger Zelazny, from David Brin? How nice. I would compare your writing to Philip Dick, but I have not read your first novels, Mr. Bowes.

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