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Thomas Parker

And a happy Halloween to you, Sue, though I’m surprised by your affection for the holiday – I’ve always pictured you as more of an Arbor Day kind of person.


Just wanted to say thanks again, Sue, for the report on Zagone Studios Masks and Costumes. I bought a mask and gloves and combined it with a robe I had from a past costume. I gave out most of the candy to the trick or treaters in my neighborhood (wife didn’t dress up). My costume was a hit! Several kids and parents loved it. I scared a fair number of kids just by walking up to the door (I bought the Deviant mask). In some cases parents had to walk their little ones up to me because they were too scared. Ha ha! Only one kid couldn’t over come her fear, so her mom got a treat for her. Most kids couldn’t stop looking at me as they walked away from our house.

My wife and I often get pegged by our coworkers as haters of children because we opted to be child-free. I like kids. I like to scare kids 🙂

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