Wizards of the Coast Releases the First D&D Next Conversion Notes

Wizards of the Coast Releases the First D&D Next Conversion Notes

D&D Next

We last reported on D&D Next when our intrepid man-on-the-scene Andrew Zimmerman Jones live-blogged the Dungeons & Dragons Next Keynote at GenCon last August. This week, Wizards of the Coast released the first D&D Next conversion notes, as part of the new playtest packet.

The playtest packet is now usable with D&D Encounters seasons. The next one, Against the Cult of Chaos, commences on February 6. Here’s the description:

Against the Cult of Chaos is a new adventure that takes inspiration from classics such as Village of Hommlet and Against the Cult of the Reptile God. Not only does this new story feature characters and locations from beloved past adventures, but there’s another compelling reason to participate – there’s two ways to play! The season runs from February 6 through April 3.

Players will need to decide which version of D&D they want to play — D&D 4th Edition or D&D Next –- when they create their Encounters characters. Dungeon Masters who choose to run the upcoming season under D&D Next rules will be able to download conversion notes at a later date at www.DNDNext.com.

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While I think dnd next will be better than 4th edition I don’t envy the designers at wizards. They have a lot of 4th edition baggage to deal with.

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