This Week’s Bargain SF & Fantasy Books at

This Week’s Bargain SF & Fantasy Books at

swords-dark-magic-256I need a better system for tracking these discount books at Amazon. Way I do it now, I just add candidates to my cart whenever I find them. Which means my cart fills up pretty quick, and I have to keep emptying it.

Don’t tell me I should create a wishlist. I already have over a dozen wishlists. Compulsive people shouldn’t be allowed to use Amazon.

Anyway, what do we have in the bag for you this week? Swords & Dark Magic: The New Sword and Sorcery, the excellent anthology edited by Jonathan Strahan and Lou Anders, has been marked down from $15.99 to just $6.40; David Weber’s new standalone SF novel, Out of the Dark, is just $2.98 in hardcover; and Tanya Huff’s latest hardcover, The Truth of Valor, is just $2.54. All that, plus two novels by Charles de Lint, Spirits in the Wires and Spiritwalk, for roughly six bucks; three Hawkmoon novels by Michael Moorcock for six bucks or less: The Mad God’s Amulet, The Jewel in the Skull, and The Sword of the Dawn; The New Space Opera, volumes One and Two, edited by Gardner Dozois for under 7 bucks; Gene Wolfe’s latest novel, Home Fires, in hardcover for $10; and over a dozen more.

Crux – Albert E. Cowdrey$9.98 (was $24.95)

The New Space Opera – Gardner Dozois; Paperback – $6.38 (was $15.95)

The New Space Opera 2 – Gardner Dozois; $6.40, (was $15.99)

The Truth of Valor (Valor Novel) – Tanya Huff – $2.54 (was $24.95)

Out of the DarkOut of the Dark, David Weber $2.95 (was $25.99)

No Sleep till Wonderland: A NovelNo Sleep till Wonderland, Paul Tremblay $5.60 (was $14)

The Little Sleep: A NovelThe Little Sleep, Paul Tremblay $6.80 (was $16.99)

Swords & Dark Magic: The New Sword and Sorcery, edited by Jonathan Strahan and Lou Anders $6.40 (was $15.99)

The VaultsThe Vaults, Toby Ball $10 (was $24.99)

The Somnambulist: A NovelThe Somnambulist: A Novel, Jonathan Barnes $6 (was $14.99)

The Domino Men: A NovelThe Domino Men, Jonathan Barnes $6 (was $14.99)

Hawkmoon: The Mad God's Amulet (Eternal Champions (Tom Doherty))Hawkmoon: The Mad God’s Amulet, Michael Moorcock $5.60 (was $13.99)

Hawkmoon: The Jewel in the SkullHawkmoon: The Jewel in the Skull, Michael Moorcock $5.60 (was $13.99)

Hawkmoon: The Sword of the Dawn Hawkmoon: The Sword of the Dawn, Michael Moorcock $6.00 (was $14.99)

Home FiresHome Fires, Gene Wolfe $10 (was $24.99)

The Silver Surfer, Vol. 2 (Marvel Masterworks)The Silver Surfer, Vol. 2 (Marvel Masterworks), Stan Lee, John Buscema $10 (was $24.99)

The Tyranny of the Night: Book One of the Instrumentalities of the NightThe Tyranny of the Night: Book One of the Instrumentalities of the Night, Glen Cook $6 (was $14.99)

Trouble and Her FriendsTrouble and Her Friends, Melissa Scott $6.40 (was $15.99)

The First Heroes: New Tales of the Bronze AgeThe First Heroes: New Tales of the Bronze Age, edited by Harry Turtledove and  Noreen Doyle $7.60 (was $18.99)

The Hidden WorldThe Hidden World, Paul Park $10.38 (was $25.95)

Sphinx's Queen (Princesses of Myth)Sphinx’s Queen (Princesses of Myth), Esther Friesner $7.20 (was $17.99)

Spirits in the Wires (Newford)Spirits in the Wires (Newford), Charles de Lint $6.38 (was $15.95)

SpiritwalkSpiritwalk, Charles de Lint $6.00 (was $14.99)

Four Dark NightsFour Dark Nights, Bentley Little, et al $10(was $25)

Bug Jack BarronBug Jack Barron, Norman Spinrad $5.98 (was $14.95)

Ender's Game: War of GiftsEnder’s Game: War of Gifts, Jake Black, et al $10 (was $24.99)

Gods and Pawns (The Company)Gods and Pawns, Kage Baker $5.98 (was $14.95)

Most books are discounted from 60% to 80%. As always, quantities on these bargain books are very limited. All are eligible for free domestic shipping on orders over $25. Many of last month’s discount titles are also still available; you can see them here.

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Allen Snyder

Crux is excellent, or at least the version I read in whichever magazine it was originally printed in (F&SF I would guess, because he’s pretty much one of their “staff writers”).

Allen Snyder

And I had “Swords and Dark Magic” on my Amazon wishlist (I’m far too lazy to have more than one), so that one has just been ordered.

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