No The Dark Knight Rises Review This Week

No The Dark Knight Rises Review This Week

dark-knight-risesDear Black Gate Readers and all my friends at the site,

I’ve decided not to post a review of The Dark Knight Rises this week as I originally promised. I had planned to get a review up later today, after watching the film in the morning. Although I watched the film as planned, the horrible events in Colorado at a midnight screening of the movie last night have made it impossible for me to write about it at this time. A tragedy in a movie theater, a place where I’ve spent so many happy times in my life, strikes close to me. I tried to begin writing a review, and found I couldn’t. I hope, perhaps at the end of the summer when I do my wrap-up for the season, to speak a bit about The Dark Knight Rises. My thoughts are with the victims of this horrific tragedy and their families.

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