I’m Just Sayin’…

I’m Just Sayin’…

Hmmmmm… The poster for the new CONAN movie struck a familiar chord. Here’s the cover image to my webcomic SKULLS that ran on www.blackgate.com a couple years ago. Was somebody on the CONAN team reading this thing? I don’t know. I’m just sayin’…you don’t see a giant pile of skulls every day.

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Can see the parallel, but have seen piled skulls a time or two as well, including the catacombs beneath Rome.

As a huge REH fan, I hope not to cringe too often at this latest attempt at Conan. Still disappointed in the body type they selected. Conan was not lean and mean. He was bulky and mean, though not a bodybuilder either.


I think both are more or less inspired by the Frank Frazetta cover of Conan the adventurer and in sword and sorcery genre a pile of skulls is an usual element, in the spanish re-edition of Conan the barbarian, some spanish artists painted? drew? sorry for my english, some depictions of Conan and one of them put Conan thinking with a skull in the hands a la Hamlet sitting in a pile of skulls

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