New Year Short Fiction Roundup

New Year Short Fiction Roundup

2011-snI’ve contributed book reviews to the SF Site since 1998 (wow, that’s a long time); in fact, it was the first on-line “publication” I wrote for (and, yes, you can end a sentence with a proposition, though, technically, I haven’t).  That’s where I “met” John O’Neill, which explains how I wound up here (for those of you wondering how that could possibly have happened).  You can see a list of all my SF Site reviews here.

My latest review in the January 2010 issue is about a short story collection entitled “She Nailed a Stake Through His Head: Tales of Biblical Terror. ” Worth checking out for the title alone.

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John ONeill

Man, that is a huge list of reviews at the SF Site, David. Congratulations at accomplishing so much over the years.

And…. 1998? Was it really that long ago? Wow.

It’s been good to have you with me during two grand endeavors.

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