The David Gemmell Legend Award for Best Fantasy Novel of 2009

The David Gemmell Legend Award for Best Fantasy Novel of 2009


The nominations for the David Gemmell Legend Award for Best Fantasy Novel of 2009 have been announced by the DGLA.  May we have the envelope please!

  • Warbreaker, by Brandon Sanderson (Tor US)
  • The Cardinal’s Blades, Pierre Pevel (Gollancz)
  • Empire: The Legend of Sigmar, Graham McNeill (The Black Library)
  • Best Served Cold, Joe Abercrombie (Gollancz & Orbit)
  • The Gathering Storm (Book 12 of The Wheel of Time), Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson (Tor US)

The David Gemmell Legend Award for Best Fantasy Novel was first granted in 2009, to Andrzej Sapkowski’s Blood of Elves.

The DGLA also gives out The Morningstar Award for Best Fantasy Newcomer, and The Ravenheart Award for Best Fantasy Cover Art.

The complete list of nominations is at the DGLA website, as part of a cool video set to music. I had to watch it six times, scribbling down notes, to make sure I got the list of nominees right (of course, then I found the convenient summary card. Figures.)  Now I can’t get that music out of my head.

In any event, congratulations to all the nominees!  Man, I have a lot of great reading to catch up on.

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John Hocking

Interesting to see something from Warhammer’s Black Library make the list.
Anybody read McNeil’s work?

Bill Ward

Yea, apparently that was the first GW book to hit the NYT bestseller list, pretty groovy.

Luke Forney

I’ve never read his fantasy, but McNeill’s science fiction is pretty top-notch. A Thousands Sons seems to be gathering good reviews left and right. I particularly loved his novel Courage and Honour that came out last year.

So Bill…reviews of each of these will be appearing here and on your site…soon?

I have the Abercrombie title, just haven’t read it or anything of his long stuff for that matter.

I love that cover of The Cardinal’s Blades!

Luke Forney

The Cardinal’s Blades could run the table. It is up for novel, newcomer, and cover awards in the DGLA. A very impressive debut all-around, it would seem.

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