Black Gate 13

Black Gate 13

Black Gate Issue 13 CoverWhat awaits you in the latest issue of Black Gate, the finest adventure fantasy magazine on the planet? Gunslinger Charles Duke (Black Gate 4) returns in a weird western tale featuring gods, demons – and a sorcerer who drives a hard bargain indeed.  A resourceful thief uncovers a most unexpected surprise deep in a deadly tomb… Grimsort the necromancer  learns just how dangerous it is to court a beautiful ghost in the treacherous city of Narr… a small band of soldiers finds they are the last hope in a river battle against alien bonesetters… and the desperate survivors of  the Selvanos colony retreat before the advancing horror of the antriders to make a last stand in St. George.  Featuring John C. Hocking, L.E. Modesitt, Peadar Ó Guilín, John R. Fultz, David Wesley Hill, and the conclusion of Mark’s Sumner riveting novel The Naturalist.  All this plus our Letters column, book and game reviews, and a brand new Knights of the Dinner Table strip!  At $9.95 for 224 big pages, it’s the best bargain in fantasy reading.

Check out the Issue 13 preview page.

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