Beowulf-The Mother of All Fantasies

Beowulf-The Mother of All Fantasies

I was reminded of the Angeline Joline as sexy monster, 3D retelling of Beowulf, which actually was not as bad as it could have been, when I chanced upon this January 3rd interview with English professor Kenneth Tiller (there’s a download link in the right hand corner that gets you to the MP3 of the program); it’s always nice to hear an academic who sounds like a “real guy.” Of note is that his career choice in medievalist studies was an adolescent fascination with Dungeons and Dragons.

Though not strictly about fantasy, also check out the companion interview with poet David Wojahn, who reads one of his poems based on hearing a Johnny Cash/Joe Strummer duet on a cassette tape, what he called listening to two dead guys on a dead medium.

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James Enge

Fun interview–made me want to read the poem again (which is never a waste of time).

“two dead guys on a dead medium”

would be a great title for something–maybe a noir mystery set in a carnival sideshow.

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