A Review of Broadsword and The World of Broadsword

A Review of Broadsword and The World of Broadsword

If there has been a single dominant trend in fantasy over the last thirty years, it has been the glacier-like migration and expansion of the genre from fiction into other media. Movies, video games, RPGs — all have taken the essence of sword-and-sorcery creations set forth in prose and carried them in novel directions that have shaped the genre in unforeseen ways.

This week, Black Gate Managing Editor Howard Andrew Jones kicks off a new column that will explore some of the many fresh gaming systems and products out there, giving you the lowdown on what’s brewing in the fantasy RPG field. His first installment reviews the hot 1PG from the mind of Jeff Mejia and his cohorts, Broadsword, along with the system’s first major supplement, The World of Broadsword. Have you drifted away from RPGs over the years, frustrated by the steep time and rules-learning commitment? If so, the simplicity and ease of Broadsword might be just what you’ve been waiting for.


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