My Favorite Show

My Favorite Show

Hands down, my favorite modern sitcom is Scrubs. I enjoy My Name is Earl — though I never seem to catch it anymore — and there are others in previous years I’ve enjoyed, but Scrubs is the family favorite in these parts. It’s absurd and wonderful and cartoony and moving, sometimes all in the same episode. I do think that the last two seasons haven’t hit it out of the park as often, but it’s still a long way from jumping the shark.

I just spent WAY too much time searching YouTube for some of my favorite moments from the series, so the least you can do is waste some time and watch them.

The core of the show is the relationship between best friends J. D. (Zach Braff) and Turk (Donald Faison). Here’s a typical clip of the two of them.

It’s an ensemble show, though, and I really can’t imagine the show without the rest of the players, all of whom make the show. Here’s a few more of them, this time auditioning Turk for an air band. Donald Faison is pretty amazing, and reportedly pulled this off in only two takes.

Here’s another funny ensemble scene with Carla (Judy Reyes) and Elliot (Sarah Chalke) and Molly (Heather Graham).

There are frequent bizarre dream sequences or outright lies played out onscreen. Here are two of my favorites.

J. D.’s date with Turk and Carla’s hot nanny.

One of the best moments from any season is when Turk is trying to curry favor by retrieving the chief surgeons briefcase, assisted by “The Todd” (Robert Maschio).

Lastly, what would a clip celebration be without an appearance from Turk and J. D.’s stuffed dog, Rowdy?


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