Black Gate 11

Black Gate 11

…will be ready for my once over today, and shortly thereafter off to the printer. It appears unlikely that it will be in our hands by the time of Archon, unfortunately, although John and I hope to have a mock-up with us. But it should shortly thereafter be available to all

I returned from my secret mission. You can see me in action in a picture below, fending off space aliens. Note the intent look of concentration. I’m told I look very similar when I’m writing or editing, and, indeed, that my expression was nearly identical when I proposed to my wife. You can understand, then, why she married me.

I turned 39 while I was away at Disney and Epcot. I’ve had few birthdays as pleasant, despite the crowds. My wife and kids were very sweet all day and night.

I hope soon to be back at the slush reading. John will be right there with me.


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