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Friday, February 13th, 2004 | Posted by Web Master

Black Gate is a slick publication and — brace yourself for this — more than 200 pages long! That’s right: each issue has enough short stories to be a paperback anthology in itself…the eleven (!) stories in this issue each [have] at least two quality illustrations, even better than the ones in Asimov’s. I can’t help but gush over such a lovely publication. Just looking at it is a pleasure.

The Green Man Review

What are the critics saying about Black Gate? What aren’t they saying? “Serious work…[and] magnificent storytelling” says Locus. “Enough material in it for a good-sized trade paperback…brisk pacing, imagination, and swashbuckling fun” proclaims SF Site. And The Eternal Review of Books says “John O’Neill is showing a deft touch in his development of talented new writers…I should not be at all surprised if more than one of these works were competing for genre awards at the end of the year.”

We’ve published links to, and excerpts from, a dozen new reviews of our recent issues, from such diverse publications as Year’s Best Fantasy, The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, The Fix: The Review of Short Fiction, and others. Come see why Black Gate is being called “one of the most exciting things to appear in the fantasy genre in quite some time!”

Black Gate 6

Friday, February 6th, 2004 | Posted by Web Master

An exorcist in Ancient China stumbles across far more than he bargained for…an escaped serf in a world of dangerous dimensional portals learns that fortune indeed favors the bold…an aging monarch receives the potentially lethal gift of a slave girl, the last living child of a dead Mage King…and a young man leads a ragtag band of soldiers to the surface to face the horrid invaders of Earth for the first time in millennia.

It’s all in the big fall issue of Black Gate. Have a look at our online sneak peek, featuring artwork, excerpts, and more. Our action-packed sixth issue contains new fiction from Mark W. Tiedemann, Rick Norwood, Iain Rowan, Karen Jordan Allen, and the novel-length pulp reprint “Tumithak in Shawn,” the sequel to last issue’s epic “Tumithak of the Corridors” by Charles R. Tanner.

All this plus the next hilarious installment of the Knights of the Dinner Table comic. Don’t miss it!


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