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An Interview With Editor John O’Neill

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2002 | Posted by Web Master

In the late ’90’s, Cyberus struck a deal to be acquired for $5.2 million…[which] meant we could finally talk seriously about doing some of the things we’d dreamed about. I drafted a business plan for a publishing house, and showed it to the other owners… It called for the creation of a fantasy magazine with the emphasis on exciting, accessible fiction. In essence, it would be a modern age pulp magazine, with serials, colorful settings and characters, and an unabashed emphasis on fun.

Read Daniel E. Blackston’s hard-hitting interview with Black Gate‘s Editor and Publisher John O’Neill at Ranging from the early days of the SF Site through Black Gate‘s genesis and recent success, the conversation covers modern adventure fantasy, pulps, electronic publishing, the perils of modern distribution, and much more. Read this candid and surprising talk with a “website pioneer and print publisher extraordinaire.”

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