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Edinburgh’s Monthly Mini-Convention: Shoreline of Infinity’s Event Horizon

Edinburgh’s Monthly Mini-Convention: Shoreline of Infinity’s Event Horizon

Ken McLeod at Shoreline of Infinity's Event Horizon
Ken McLeod reading at Shoreline of Infinity’s Event Horizon
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Like the old thing you like, but genuinely new

Confession: My problem with Science Fiction conventions is that 33% of the way through, I am always seized with a desire to go home and write Science Fiction.

I can only sit still for so long without typing. 24 hours in and I’m more excited by about  hanging out with other SF folk than I am about panels and readings. That’s why I’m lazy about going to local performance events.

It helps, of course, that Edinburgh is already Science Fiction Convention: the City. It’s large enough to support overlapping cohorts of geeks spawned by the local universities the way a recurrent nova spawns expanding spheres of luminous gas. At the same time, my city is small enough that once you are plugged in, you really are plugged in. So, I already have people to hang out with.

What lured me out of my hermetic bubble was the promise of a balanced slice of the convention experience: performance followed by drinking and chatting.

Shoreline of Infinity Magazine‘s Event Horizon has grown since 2015 to become awfully like an actual monthly science fiction mini-convention.

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