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Dark Souls III: Feel the Burn

Dark Souls III: Feel the Burn


At this point, I shouldn’t need to tell you about the Dark Souls series and why people are excited about it. Over the last few years, From Software has grown in reputation, thanks to the series being one of the most challenging on the market. I felt the previous Dark Souls¬†stepped away from what made the series great, and left From Software in a position to recover with Dark Souls III.¬†With III, we have a mix of old and new designed to push (and punish) players further.

Undead Again

As with previous games in the Souls series, you are an undead being cursed to wander the land until you eventually become hollow or insane. Upon awakening, you’re given a quest to return the lords of cinder to their throne; this entails wandering a very big land and dying a lot.

Just like the other games, there is a deep story hidden behind the lore, but I’m going to leave that for someone more versed in it to talk about.

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