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Four Things I Learned Publishing a New Modern-day SFF Set in a Reimagined Atlantis

Four Things I Learned Publishing a New Modern-day SFF Set in a Reimagined Atlantis

The Last Sun-small The Hanged Man-small

Here’s a quick list of 4 things I learned publishing a new modern-day SFF set in a reimagined Atlantis. (The Last Sun and The Hanged Man are the first two books in The Tarot Sequence.)

  1. Try to get an agent or publisher who supports your vision.

By the time I sent a query to an agent, I had 9 novels planned in the series, with a strong idea of each installment’s development arc and plot. I knew in advance this was ambitious, and that I was 100% committed to it if at all possible. Getting a series launched is… not easy. Bookstores and therefore publishing houses are less and less inclined to make any far-reaching commitments, especially for debut authors, and really especially in crowded subgenres like urban fantasy.

What helped me get started with an initial 2-book contract was an awesome, awesome agent who understood what I wanted to accomplish, and framed her guidance and recommendations and sales strategy around that. That’s not as simple a statement as it sounds. It involved me clearly articulating my goals; and then being open to her feedback on the realities of my dream, including PROs and CONs.

My agent Sara (Sara Megibow of kt literary) is exceptional at what she does. She’s industry-savvy, heavily-networked, and very practical. Practicality, especially, is important. What happens if my contract ends at 2 books? What if I really want to continue writing 7 more novels? From the start, Sara had a plan. There’s very little that will surprise me next, because she’s prepared me so well.

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