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Author: Doug Ellis and Deb Fulton

A Burroughs Bonanza Estate Sale Recovery

A Burroughs Bonanza Estate Sale Recovery

Some of the September 22 estate sale finds made by Deb Fulton

Deb’s Part of the Story

I almost skipped this estate sale, which was held on September 22, 2022. The meat of the description posted online was model railroad items, with a side dish of old radios and parts. The few pictures that showed books were not particularly encouraging. Typical of estate sale companies, there was not enough detail in the pictures to read the title or author on the spines or covers of the few books shown.

Atypical of estate sale companies, the description had a little detail — it mentioned Tarzan books and “other books” from the ‘20s/’30s. But what I saw smacked of reprint editions, and that was not exciting enough for a fifty minute drive (each way). A brief consultation with Doug confirmed my view.

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