Immortality, Truth-Telling and Snow Witches: Heroic Fantasy Quarterly 47

Immortality, Truth-Telling and Snow Witches: Heroic Fantasy Quarterly 47

We let Heroic Fantasy Quarterly loose on a chaotic world on January 31st. We’ve got a full compliment of stories and poems, including:

The Medallion’s Song, by Ginny Patrick, with artwork by Karolina Wellartova. Having been gifted a mysterious amulet by her imperious owner, young Serena is on the run, trying to get the funds to hitch a ride on a caravan out of town. But Macaea City has more than its share of dangers, and Serena has more than her own share of secrets.

The Silver Light of Forever, by Mike Adamson, Gareth, the living blade of Duke Manorino, is a man with a mission:  survive long enough to take a promised draught of elixir of moonleaf—and live forever. But the Duke’s promise keeps getting put off and pushed back and a man can only be a living blade for so long before time makes a fool of him.

Winter Luck, by Evan Dicken, with art by Miguel Santos and audio by Karen Bovenmyer. Ochiai  Haruyoshi’s long feud with the Takeda clan has been long and desperate. Sorcery and treachery are afoot in the mountains of Japan in this outstanding tale.


Dragon’s Hoard, by Dawn Vogel, dragons can be very particular with what treasures they guard.

Rabbit’s Foot, by Colleen Anderson, with audio by the author. Luck is one of those things, it has to have balance.

The Wind Through the Fields, by Aidan Redwing, with Audio by Leeman Kesler. There are a lot of stories about battles and battlefields, but often the field has its stories, too.

Check it out!

Adrian Simmons is an editor for Heroic Fantasy Quarterly. Check out their Best-of Volume 3 Anthology, or support them on Patreon!

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