Startling Stories Returns

Startling Stories Returns

The first issue of Startling Stories in 65 years, courtesy of Wildside Press and Douglas Draa. Cover uncredited.

Startling Stories was one of the grand old ladies of the pulp era. Published by Standard Magazines between January 1939 and October 1955, it was one of the few SF magazines of the 30s to outgrow its pulp roots and become a serious market of adult science fiction, eventually publishing stories by Arthur C. Clarke, Leigh Brackett, Jack Vance, Ray Bradbury, A.E. van Vogt, Henry Kuttner, C.L. Moore, Edmond Hamilton, Fletcher Pratt, and many others.

I’m delighted to report that Startling Stories has been revived as part of the stable of magazines at John Gregory Betancourt’s Wildside Press. The editor is Douglas Draa, who also helms the revived version of Weirdbook.

The first issue of the revived magazine — and the first new issue of Startling Stories in 65 years — was published on February 1st. Here’s the complete Table of Contents.

“Cradle Of The Deep,” by Mike Chinn
“Invasion Of The Deadly Brain From Alpha-IX,” by Scott Emerson
“Evidence Of The Mirror,” by Herb Kauderer
“Mothership,” by Stephen Persing
“Hazthrog’s Contempt,” by Maxwell I. Gold
“Payload,” by M. Stern
“New Life,” by Mark Slade
“Red Dragon,” by Shadrick Beechem
“Snack Time,” by Franklyn Searight
“Amiri,” by Nicole Givens Kurtz
“Sticks And Stones,” by John B. Rosenman
“T. Gips And The Time Flies,” by Ahmed A. Khan
“The Angry Planet,” by Dj Tyrer
“The Heart Of A Hitman,” by Rie Sheridan Rose
“The Kidnapped Prince,” by Cynthia Ward
“The Outpost, Outside,” by Larry Hinkle
“The Vaults Of Ban-erach,” by Steve Dilks
“Totality,” by Andre E. Harewood
“Triplet Cross,” by Patrick S. Baker
“Sea Bound-1,” by Eddie D. Moore
“Defiant, Deviant, Devoid Of Soul,” by Russell Hemmell
“The Blood Red Sky Of Mars,” by Adrian Cole
“Horizon,” by John Gregory Betancourt
“Sunrise On Mercury,” by Robert Silverberg

Folks with long memories will recall that this isn’t the first effort to revive Startling Stories. Ron Hanna of Wild Cat Books resurrected it in 2007, before Wild Cat folded six years later.

The new issue of Startling Stories, Volume 34, Number 1, dated “2021 issue,” was published on February 1, 2021 by Wildside Press. It is edited by Douglas Draa, and John Gregory Betancourt is the Executive Editor and Publisher. It is 252 pages, priced at $19.99. No word on a digital version yet. Order direct from Amazon here.

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Rich Horton

There were several issues of an earlier STARTLING STORIES revival published between 2007 and 2012, as you note, so we can’t really say this is the first “new” issue in 65 years.

K.G. McAbee

I’ve got some of the issues I had stories in.

Douglas Draa

We’re running a Kick start campaign to finance this year’s issue!!

“Startling Stories by John Betancourt — Kickstarter”

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