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Get a Free Copy of Mysterion: Rediscovering the Mysteries of the Christian Faith

Monday, August 15th, 2016 | Posted by John ONeill

Mysterion-smallBlack Gate author Donald Crankshaw (“A Phoenix in Darkness“) and his wife Kristin Janz have produced a groundbreaking anthology of Christian fantasy, Mysterion: Rediscovering the Mysteries of the Christian Faith. It will be released in two weeks from Enigmatic Mirror Press, and contains original fiction from Beth Cato, Pauline J. Alama, Stephen Case, David Tallerman, and many others. Here’s the description:

The Christian faith is filled with mystery, from the Trinity and the Incarnation to the smaller mysteries found in some of the strange and unexplained passages of the Bible: Behemoth and Leviathan, nephilim and seraphim, heroes and giants and more. There is no reason for fiction engaging with Christianity to be more tidy and theologically precise than the faith itself.

Here you will find challenging fantasy, science fiction, and horror stories that wrestle with tough questions and refuse to provide easy answers or censored depictions of a broken world, characters whose deeds are as obscene as their words and people who meet bad ends — sometimes deserved and sometimes not. But there are also hope, grace, and redemption, though even they can burn like fire.

Join us as we rediscover the mysteries of the Christian faith.

Enigmatic Mirror Press is offering 25 free review copies in digital format to Black Gate readers, in return for honest reviews (e.g., at Amazon, Goodreads, etc.) If you’re willing to read the book and provide a review, just send an e-mail to with the subject “Mysterion,” and we’ll forward the first 25 we receive along to the publisher.

Mysterion: Rediscovering the Mysteries of the Christian Faith will be published by Enigmatic Mirror Press on August 31, 2016. It is 324 pages, priced at $9.99 in digital format. See the complete Table of Contents here.

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