New Treasures: Mort(e) by Robert Repino

New Treasures: Mort(e) by Robert Repino

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Robert Repino’s Mort(e) is an unusual book.

In his article “Five Books in Which Giant Insects Ruin Everyone’s Day” at last year, Eric Smith described it thusly:

An epic science-fiction thriller out on January 20th, Mort(e) introduces you to a world that’s been conquered by hyper-intelligent giant ants… Tired of mankind’s treatment of the world, the ants have risen to take the planet, and have made other animals self-aware. It’s an epic battle between humans, ants, dogs, ants, cats, ants, raccoons, ants, and it is incredible. And the protagonist, a housecat named Mort(e), will stick with you long after you close the pages.

I found the newly released trade paperback at the bookstore this week, and was impressed enough with the accolades on the back cover to bring it home. Mort(e) was included in Andrew Liptak’s Very Best Science Fiction And Fantasy Book Of 2015 at i09, and listed as an Amazon Best Book of January 2015. BookRiot called it “Absolutely incredible.. The apocalypse has never, ever been this entertaining.” (Click the cover above to see the complete text.)

I’ve been intrigued by anthropomorphic fantasy ever since I first read Watership Down, and this one sounds right up my alley. Mort(e) was published in hardcover on January 20 of last year, and was reprinted by Soho Press on February 9, 2016. It is 358 pages, priced at $16 in trade paperback and $9.99 for the digital edition. The cover was designed by Napo Ng.

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