Saturday Round Up: Talk to the Hand

Saturday Round Up: Talk to the Hand

bluetooth-handset-glovesLast Saturday, I posted the Black Gate Christmas Gift List, crammed with gift-giving ideas for the discerning fantasy fan. For the last week, I’ve been receiving additional suggestions from readers.

By far my favorite comes from Todd Ruthman, who pointed me to the Bluetooth Handset Gloves offered by ThinkGeek, shown at left. For only $69.99 you can talk to your loved ones just by extending your thumb and pinky. Described as “warm and comfortable capacitive-touch gloves with a Bluetooth headset built in,” they seem ideal for impressing friends and passers-by. I love this gift idea more than I can say. If the right-handed glove comes with a wall-climbing feature, two of my childhood dreams will have totally come true.

George Dew at Dark City Games points out that DCG products make great stocking stuffers, and that unscientific studies (conducted by watching episodes of The Big Bang Theory) show that the amount of time that families spend playing board games is inversely proportional to the chances of children getting involved in drugs, alcohol “and anything else bad.” I’m a believer. You can find Dark City’s splendid catalog here.

Finally, a few readers complained because the number two item on the list, Howard Andrew Jones’s The Bones of the Old Ones, was not yet on sale. Our tireless team of minions have reported that it is now, in fact, on shelves all across the country. In other BotOO news, the esteemed Mr. Jones tells us that a major studio has optioned The Chronicles of Sword and Sand (AKA the Dabir and Asim novels), and the hunt is currently on for a screenwriter.

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