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Black Gate’s Closet: Crisiswear

Monday, July 2nd, 2012 | Posted by Patty Templeton

What the heck does one wear at the end of the world? Sure, yes, most people would answer, whatever you can find, but…why not be prepared, and why wait till disaster strikes? Don’t you want to look like a post-apocalyptic hardass? I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to get their Mad Max and Alice on? Nobody wants to be the tarp-toga guy who ties guns to his belt with bootlaces. It’s unwieldy.

Enter, Crisiswear.

Crisiswear is a Chicago-based clothing company. They specialize in future-forward fashion with industrial elements. All of their clothing is custom made, double stitched and built to last. This is survival gear that you can blow up evil, mutant villains in and then dance around their charred lairs.

Stock up on versatile, hedonistic, cyberpunk apparel at their website, or check out Crisiswear on Etsy.

MedTech Dress by CrisisWear

MedTech Dress by Crisiswear

Kensen by Crisiswear

Kensen by Crisiswear

Vigilante vest by Crisiswear

Vigilante vest by Crisiswear

Solo Leg Holster by Crisiswear

Solo Leg Holster by Crisiswear

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