Wumpus Tales Now Open to Submissions

Wumpus Tales Now Open to Submissions

wumpustales2Attention all fiction writers looking for markets! Alexander G. Tozzi, publisher of the new magazine Wumpus Tales: A Magazine of Bizarre Fiction, tells us it is now open to submissions:

Ideally we hope to fill its pages with stories reminiscent of concepts you might find in an 80’s computer game, where aliens guzzle brain juice in a satellite cafe, wizards cheat at poker while their familiars operate pyramid schemes, and zombies delight in smashing each other’s tombstones.
       We also want stories taking place in real life, though with some element of the genres worked in, such as a girl who enchants a rival’s makeup so that it turns her into a beast. Right now we are scouring every market list we can find, trying to get added. Submissions are the only thing keeping Issue Number One from being printed, and we hope that authors will read our guidelines before sending anything.

We’re looking forward to reading those stories (especially the one with the zombies!), so all you aspiring writers, get to work.

The website and submission guidelines are here.

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