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Short Fiction Beat: Story Discussions

Saturday, October 17th, 2009 | Posted by Soyka

Over at Torque Control, the blog of the editorial staff of the British Science Fiction Association journal Vector, there’s a weekly short story roundtable discussion.  This week’s subject is Ken McLeod’s “A Tulip for Lucretius”.  As I write this, I haven’t read the whole story, but it certainly has an attention-getting opening paragraph.

There’s also a discussion about the relative utility of book reviews, inspired by a Huffington Post proclamation that, if I understand correctly, it will blog about books, but not “review” them. Given that blogging in general is conversational, highly opinionated (often without substantive argumentation, let alone sophisticated discussion), and neither edited nor fact-checked, I fail to see why this is an improvement. Though, yeah, I know you could say the same thing about some reviews.

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