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Saturday, August 29th, 2009 | Posted by Soyka

c595ea9a962fb1e597a344c5551417941414141I tend to go through my “to be read pile” looking for themes as an approach to wend my way through and choose what  I want030727944801_sx50_sclzzzzzzz_ to attack next. These two are about the realities of war and the casualties of those who manage to survive.  The first, Denis Johnson’s Tree of Smoke is a novel about the Vietnam war fiasco; the other is non-fiction, The Forever War (also the title of  Joe Haldeman’s classic satire of hard SF and the Vietnam war, whether by coincidence or intention I don’t know), a memoir by Dexter Filkins of his experiences as a reporter in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Harrowing, unsettling stuff and highly recommended as a dose of “reality” (even when, as in the case of Johnson’s novel, it is presented through a fictional lens) from fantasy swashbuckling.

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