The Top 30 Black Gate Posts in July

The Top 30 Black Gate Posts in July

best-of-robert-e-howard-grim-lands2Summer months are for sports, gardening, and getting together in the back yard with close friends. But apparently nobody told you people, because you spent the entire month on the computer, reading Black Gate blog posts.

July 2012 was one of the best months we’ve ever had, with solid traffic growth and nearly 70 new articles from writers such as Howard Andrew Jones, Joe Bonadonna, Patty Templeton, Patrice Sarath, D.B. Jackson, and many others. Here are the Top 30 most popular articles and links for the month.

And while I’m instructing you, don’t forget to go outside once in a while, maybe get a little sunshine. It’s good for you.

  1. New Treasures
  2. Under the hood with robert-e-howard
  3. Musing on villainy
  4. Six-sought-adventure-a-half-dozen-swords-and-sorcery short stories
  5. Art-of-the-genre-the-art-of-calvin-and-hobbes
  6. Confessions-of-a-guilty-reviewer
  7. How-I-met-your-cimmerian-and-other-barbarian-swordsmen
  8. Self-sabotage-is-easier-than-writing
  9. Black-Gate-goes-to-the-summer-movies-the-amazing-spider-man
  10. Vintage-treasures-henry-kuttners-the-graveyard-rats
  11. Leigh-brackett-american-writer
  12. Clockwork-angels-iii-hope-is-what-remains-to-be-seen
  13. Genre-prejudice
  14. Edgar-rice-burroughs-mars-part-6-the-master-mind-of Mars
  15. Art-of-the-genre-the-art-of-an-inspired-fake
  16. Edgar-rice-burroughs-mars-part-7-fighting-man-mars
  17. Dungeon-crawl-classics-growing-fresh-from-old-roots
  18. Art-of-the-genre-the-art-of-miniatures
  19. Pulling-off-or-putting-on-the-blog-mask
  20. Dossouye-the-dancers-of-mulukau
  21. Eternal-warriors-1-2-and-3-in-ebook
  22. The-coming-of-dorgo-the-dowser
  23. Better-fantasy-gaming-through-traveller
  24. Comics
  25. Robert-e-howard-the-sword-collector’s-sword-collection
  26. Byzantine-and-early-modern-greek-magic
  27. Art-of-the-genre
  28. Samurai-7-swords-and-sorcery-with-killer-robots
  29. How-galaxy-magazine-saved-robert-silverberg-from-a-life of Smoking
  30. House of Black Wings
  31. Return-to-the-golden-age-with-tales-from-the-hanging…
  32. Goth-chick-news-get-the-lizard-guys-on-the-horn-we got them a Gig
  33. Goth-chick-news-beware-the-tall-man-knows-…
  34. Art-of-the-genre-the-gamemaster-series-covers

The Top 30 Black Gate blog posts in June are here.

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This is no surprise. I probably check the blog close to 10 times a day. Mostly because I have an iPod touch which allows me to check it pretty much anywhere.

I just really enjoy he articles. I read almost all of the ones that are posted.

On top of that I would say 80% of my reading purchases are blackgate inspired, so i always let my wife know who s to blame when a new boom enters the house


I check every few days. Anything by John O’Neill, Howard Andrew Jones or John C. Hocking is immediately read and enjoyed.

[…] The Top 30 Black Gate blog posts in July are here. […]

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