Gahan Wilson, a Retrospective

Gahan Wilson, a Retrospective

Gahan Wilson All right what's the trouble this time-small Gahan Wilson We May Already Be to late-small


After Andy Duncan’s fine memorial to the great, macabre cartoonist Gahan Wilson, who passed away in November 2019, I thought it would be worthwhile to compile a small sample of some of his work available online.

This is a small but hopefully representative sample of some of Gahan’s best work. You can find much more by searching online for “Gahan Wilson.”

gahan-wilson-cartoon-small gahan-wilson-I am an insane eye doctor-small


gahan-wilson-you're less fun since the operation-small


Gahan-Wilson-I-think-its-his-beeper cartoon


gahan-wilson-I won't bring any more friends spider-small gahan-wilson-I'm sorry mrs claus-small


gahan-wilson-it's as I expected-small gahan-wilson-who do you think is trying-small


How did you come to name your boat-small gahan-wilson-werewolf-small


gahan-wilson-is it midnight already


wilsoncartoon3-small I told you not when company's here-small


gahan-wilson_Twilight Zone aug1985_cover-small