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Olympian dreams

Sunday, February 14th, 2010 | Posted by Theo

In keeping with last week’s theme of sports in fantasy, it occurs to me that I’ve seldom, if ever, read a story about fantasy Olympics. It’s out of season, but it might be interesting to think what would be a reasonably fair decathlon for competition between the various fantasy races. Or, alternatively, how the various races would do in a real decathlon.

100 meters: Presumably the Orcs would be favored here with all those massive fast-twitch muscles. Humans in second.
Long Jump: Elves, followed by humans. Orcs being too heavy to get much lift.
Shot Put: Trolls, no question. Orcs a distant second, although the Dwarves might sneak in.
High Jump: Elves, obviously.
400 meters: Presumably humans, although you could make a case for orcs or elves.
110 meter hurdles: Humans, with elves putting up stiff competition
Discus: Trolls again.
Pole Vault: One would assume elves, but their upper-body strength tends to indicate that orcs and humans would have a shot.
Javelin: Technique matters, so orcs might have a shot at upsetting the trolls.
1500 meters: this would presumably be where the long elven legs would come in handy. Too far for orcs.

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